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1st Sep 2020

John McMullen Show: Kate Zenna, Actor, Entrepreneur, Pet Rescue Advocate - Sep 1, 2020

Kate Zenna is a Coachella Valley dynamo who is often running to Hollywood and working on TV and Film projects. She works on a variety of awe-inspiring ventures, and she is a zealous advocate for four-legged furry creatures who have vast amounts of love to share when they are placed with new homes and humans in her quest to save every dog she can. How has pet rescue gone in the age of the Coronavirus? Are more dogs and cats getting adopted from shelters than new ones making their way into them? What about once the pandemic threat is over - will people be inclined to abandon their rescued pets? Kate shares her perspective and her guidance for helping to put man's best friend in the right living situations on this edition of the John McMullen Show.


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